First night at Friends arena

So finally it was time for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band to play the new venue in Solna, Friends Arena. The arena is brand new, built for concerts and national fotball games. The capacity is some 50 000 persons, but the arena is in a place that still is a construction site, so it’s not so easy to get there. Or rather, to go home after the show. The commuter train and the subway is 20 minutes walk from the arena, so it takes time to get home.

Anyway, Bruce and the band played much of a standard Wrecking ball-set, but the difference was that they also did the whole Born to Run album, top to down. That was a really striking moment. We even got the rare Sad Eyes-part in Backstreets, so it was really nice. Another highlight was Bruce’s solo performance of Mountain of Love. And Elliot Murphy was a guest artist when the band played Glory Days.


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