Ullevi x 3

In 2015 Bruce Springsteen released the box ”The Ties That Bind – the River Collection”. It’s a remastered edition of the River and  some outtakes that never ended up on the double album. The outtakes are really good an fun to listen to.

This naturally lead to a tour, first indoors in the USA 2015. This year, 2016, the tour came to Europe and outdoor arenas. Sweden got three shows, all of them at Ullevi, Gothenburg. First two shows 25th and 27th of June, then the last one on July 23rd.

The first one didn’t quite catch me, I thought it lacked a story to keep it together and I had a hard time to feel the spirit and joy. The second one was totally different, much more playfulness, a lot of power on stage and a really good setlist. The last one was very good also as we got The River album from top to bottom. The finale was Twist and Shout and all was grand. I like the sad songs, and Point Blank, Fade Away, Stolen Car and Drive All Night have rarely sounded better. After the first show I felt almost like me and Bruce had fallen out of love, but from the second show all was back to normal again. The joy, the spirit, the great feeling and the surprise of what song to play next was all there. At 66 years of age Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band still is the greatest live act there is. They sure do rock’n’roll!


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