High Hopes

20140121_kl1633wAs you might know Bruce Springsteen has released a new album, called High Hopes. The record includes new versions of “American Skin”, “The Ghost of Tom Joad” and “Dream Baby Dream” as well as two covers, “High Hopes” and “Just Like Fire Would”. The material is old enough that both Clarence Clemons and Danny Federici who have passed away in 2011 and 2008 appears on the record. The album is quite fragmented, the key thing seems to be Tom Morellos appearence on seven of the twelve songs.

I don’t think this is a particularly interesting album, not for me at least. There are two good songs on it, “Down in the Hole” and “Hunter of Invisible Game”. The rest is too shallow. I understand that Bruce made it because he had fun doing it, but it’s not going to be a mile stone in his career. The good thing was the included DVD with the performance of Born in the USA top to bottom, from London last year. That was the highlight of High Hopes.

But there’s a tour in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand coming up. Maybe he’s coming to Europe too, but that’s not confirmed yet. Anyway, the man’s hanging on posters over the city.

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